Transition. Decision. Direction.

9:17 PM

One of the permanent things in this world is change. As cliche as it sounds, it is inevitable. Change can be as simple as when the leaves change color or when the day turns to night. It can also be as complex as when something can a change a person's life. It can be for better or for worse. My life has its share of changes but ever since the past month until I-don't-know-when, I am up to the biggest change in my life yet.

As some of you already know, I officially ended my thesis last October. That also means I have already graduated from college. I have been keeping this secret because I wanted to make it official, that is, when the graduation rites are nearing. Honestly, I don't have the graduation tingles, which is probably the downside of finishing on October. I hope I will have them soon when I visit Baguio by January when I start processing documents for graduation. (I will probably create a separate entry of my testimony of the whole thesis drama. I hope I don't fail this one.)

Being an 'unofficial' college graduate, I have been on the hunt for my first regular job employment. Although I already worked as a workshop teacher from July to October, I couldn't stay as a part-time teacher for long. It was quite a painful decision to make, especially when one of the administrators asked me if I will be teaching for the second semester. What made it more saddening was when most of my students didn't want me to leave. However, I was only on a part-time status who teaches once a week for only a number of sessions. Nevertheless, it was still a wonderful experience.

The anticipation of possibly starting a career has really been putting my emotions all over the place. But as I was organizing my curriculum vitae, questions clouded my mind...

What am I really good at?
Where would I fit in?
 Back when I chose Communications as my course, I knew that I wanted to become a holistic person. I could do journalism, I can do broadcast communication, or even a fusion of both. That vision was reflected in my CV after four years. My experiences ranged from print media, education, and public relations. However, it has its flip side. Because I am able to do so many things (and I'm saying this with all humility), I  don't know what am I really good at anymore.

The content of my CV has left me confused and I didn't realize that I missed God's point. The CV was a reflection of God's goodness to me. He has blessed me with so many gifts and opportunities that God was actually training me for something BIGGER and GRANDER in building His kingdom. Wherever God will lead me to work, I claim that He will place me where His name will be glorified. (And this is my birthday prayer.)