A Love-Filled Week

5:20 PM

Who said couples are the only ones happy on Valentine’s Day? Without any date or flowers, I had the best Valentine’s Day ever. And yes, I’m still single.

I did go through a phase when I had difficulty embracing singleness. What even struck me harder was when my younger sister entered into a relationship! You don’t how HARD that was on me. It mounted the pressure on me that I should be in a relationship REALLY REALLY SOON. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself NOT getting married. Ever since I was a little girl, I already dreamed of getting married and having children. I don’t know why I couldn’t embrace singleness so easily like others do. I just couldn’t.

Valentine’s Day was definitely different. Although that part of me still remained, I was happy to celebrate Valentine’s from a different perspective. It didn’t last only for a day, but for a WEEK.

It first happened last Sunday as I was on my way home from church. I stopped walking at the sight of flowers that were carried out of a delivery truck. There was a flower shop nearby and they were restocking roses in time for Valentine’s Day. My jaw dropped at the beauty of the flowers. They came in different colors. They made the shop look like it was some colorful painting! I couldn’t help take a picture of one bunch:

The 14th happened to fall on a Tuesday, the beginning of classes for the whole week. As expected, I saw a lot of couples holding hands or a persistent suitor delivering balloons, roses and chocolates to someone he loves. It was also College Week and campaign period for the Student Council Elections in the campus, so you could imagine how everyone was so busy.

Valentine’s Day was actually a night for me. Instead of going to the College of Arts and Communication to celebrate the opening of College Week, I attended the College of Science’s Valentine’s Concert. My roommate invited me before I had known that there will be a similar event in my own college. Though the concert was entitled “Love Hertz”, the only thing that hurt was my throat and stomach. Foreign to another college, I couldn’t stop cheering and laughing at the variety performances by the professors of the College of Science.

The next two days were about my favorite Korean Pop group, U-KISS. I wouldn’t elaborate on what happened for those days, but I would like to share to you their recent released music videos:

Friday came and the love just continued. It wasn’t flowers nor chocolates, but an original H&M dress at an incredibly low bargain price. Even though I bought it on my own, I believe it was God’s gift to me. My Valentine’s wasn’t about giving or receiving love from a lover, but I believe it is being filled with the love of the Father.

For the whole week, He just showered me with love and laughter. It came in different forms – through people, events, and even in material things. He loves us more than anyone could ever do. All we have to do is to love Him first and above all things. Although I look forward to spend a different Valentine’s Day with someone who will love me back, for now, I will just dwell in the amazing and overwhelming love of the Father.